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North Dakota Long Distance Consumer Services
Rates, Terms, and Conditions (last updated June 12, 2010)

To comply with the FCC's requirements for all long distance carriers, this website
contains the rates, terms and conditions for North Dakota Long Distance's intrastate
(North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana), interstate, and international consumer
long distance services. It includes the North Dakota Long Distance Services
Agreement ("Agreement") which governs North Dakota Long Distance's provision
of services to consumers, and provides the specific rates, terms and conditions for
those services which are part of the Agreement and are documented in the North
Dakota Long Distance Rates, Terms, and Conditions (RTC) document. This website
will be continuously updated to maintain a current record of North Dakota Long
Distance's consumer long distance services.

Current Services Agreement and Rates, Terms, and Conditions

Recent Updates

To view the Services Agreement and the Rates, Terms and Conditions
document, you will need Adobe Acrobat. Click on the red icon below
to download it free.


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