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Gives students, clients, or employees a great way to call several telephone numbers toll free and you pick up the tab.

To get it set up

  • Choose a minimum of three phone numbers (locations) you or others would like to call toll free (home, caregiver's home, school, cabin, business, etc.).
  • Choose an easy-to-remember 4-digit PIN for each phone number.
  • NDLD will program your numbers to work on your new toll-free number.

How it works

  • Dial the toll-free number and then enter a 4-digit PIN after the automated voice prompts you. The call will go through to whichever phone number was assigned to that PIN. The call will be billed back to your NDLD account.

Rates for Business or Home
From anywhere in the USA: 18¢ per minute anytime
From Canada: 33¢ per minute anytime
Monthly Charge: $2.00 for each pack of 3 PINS
Additional details: USA includes all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, and US Virgin Islands. The telephone numbers you choose must be in the continental USA. The toll-free number may not be transferred to/from another carrier. All calls are billed in 6-second increments.
A payphone provider fee of 60¢ per call applies if a call is made from a payphone.

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